Monday, June 22, 2009

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Final UT environment:

1 Sketchup model including 2 Elevators and Dining Table


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Videos showing the movers

Madonna's Elevator

Prada's Elevator

Whole UT Environment

Meeting Space + Dining Table

Shot of meeting space and dining table from above.

Meeting space on Prada's side of the beam: It is filled with mannequins dressed in Prada's latest designs, and also bright/different coloured clothing specifically designed for Madonna. This space allows them to collaborate and talk about their views on fashion.

View of the meeting space from Prada's side standing on cloth that's tugging on the beam.

Close up of meeting space and dining table. *Prada's side (the side closer to us) is filled with strings of fabric with basic designs and simple tones such as dark grey and white. The fabric on Madonna's side is more brightly coloured with violet, light blue and red. They get off their elevators at each other side (meaning the elevator from Prada's space would travel a bit further and get off at Madonna's side of the beam, and vice versa) so they get to experience and appreciate each other's styles.

Close up of an elevator control button. 2 of these buttons are located next to the meeting space on the beam, one triggering Madonna's elevator and the other Prada. The wait for the elevator is approximately 1 minute as it has to travel from its initial location to the beam. (Make sure you shoot all over the button for like 10 seconds + and 'Please Wait' pops up - especially for the one for Prada). You can peek through the fabric or walk towards Prada's side to check if the elevator is responding, alternatively, you can also shoot towards the button within the elevator from the beam (just roughly) and once it starts moving, walk back to the button located on the beam and wait for it.

Note* the mannequins in the 3rd image above were downloaded from google warehouse.
File Name: Mannequin with Clothes
Uploaded by MoniqueEliseSketcher

Below: Videos showing how u get onto the chairs in the meeting space from each direction.

Texture used:

The colours above were chosen from photoshop. They were used for the fabric and mannequins.

This 'tension' texture above was applied to one of the strings of fabric attached to the ring.

The linear texture above was used for the metal base of the mannequins.

The tension texture above was applied to the ring. it shows the different directions it is being pulled upon on. The pink represents Madonna.

The scalar texture above was used for some of the fabric as a clean and simple design.

Prada's Space in UT

Overall exterior view of the space - surrounded by fabric. It consists of two spaces - her office above and a collection space below.

Interior of her office. As Prada is a minimalist, the design was kept as simple as possible - A table from the slanted side of the wall in white and a black mannequin. The bottom of the space is transparent, allowing her to look through to her collection of work.

Interior of her collection space. This space is not filled up with a lot of her work as she ... just moved her office here :P.

Textures used:
*Apart from dark grey & white mentioned in the post above*

The above tension texture was used for the glass.

Madonna's Space in UT

Overall exterior view of Madonna's space & Elevator.

The above image shows the elevator moving towards the viewer. The elevator is also trigger activated, just move towards the elevator and it will trigger it. You only have a short amount of time to jump on so get ready!

The spikey and defined edges of the glass represent Madonna's aggressiveness.

Textures used:

This rotational texture was chosen to be the base of Madonna's space and elevator. It symbolises her self-centred-ness and power stretching out in all directions through the lines coming out from the centre. The alternate black parts combined with the pink also suggest a cushy feeling. A transparent version was used for the elevator for a better view.

Yellow was chosen for the structural tubing for it's distinctiveness and stands out.

A linear texture was chosen for the glass as well as the fragments orbiting around. It also symbolises her stretching her hand in all directions reaching for power. The lines appear jagged on the glass which also symbolises her hostility and aggressiveness.

Texture scaling tests + Final Sketchup Model

Above: Madonna's space

Above: Madonna's Elevator

Above: Prada's space

Above: Prada's elevator

Above: Meeting space & Dining table

Above: whole environment

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Concepts + progression images

Madonna's Elevator: It represents a mini stage for her to travel around and perform in. It is seperated into two parts - an inner part which she stands on and an outer part which rotates around. The pathway of this elevator symbolises her career. It pauses at high and low moments, occasionally going wildly. At high points, fragments of glass orbit around the stage which resembles an atom, implying that she is in the centre of her world.

This image shows the relationship between Madonna's space and it's elevator, how one gets on/off and how the elevator moves.

Prada's Space: It is formed by detaching a segment from the concrete beam. The segment is detached by large strips of cloth tugging at it and creates tension in the cloth (in relation to power). The elevator would be a part that separates from the segment. As Prada expresses herself through her designs mostly and not through herself (as opposed to Madonna), the space is secluded by layers of cloth as she disguises herself behind them. The space would consist of basic tones of colours as well as simple geometric shapes as Prada is often considered a minimalist.

Meeting Space: It consists of a ring being constrained by strings of fabric. The ring represents Madonna and the strings of fabric Prada - it's like Prada is restraining Madonna's wildness, bringing her back down to earth as she does with her designs, for example, using classic cuts and dark tones, as she is more powerful at the moment, as there is nothing much going on with Madonna's career at the moment but Prada, being a high end luxury brand, will continue to sell her designs as they are popular. A sense of movement is shown by the ring tilting sideways as Madonna, being a powerful figure as well, struggles to get out of these bounds.

Prada's space in relation to Meeting space. It shows strings of fabric extending from Prada's secluded space constraining the 'Madonna ring'.

Dining Table: The dining table and chairs slot into the ring above. The table is tied to both sides of the ring further constraining it.

Above: 2 sketchup images showing fabric testing/texturing with Prada space.

Above: 2 UT images showing the Prada space with fabric imported.